What Is the Normal Range of Lipid Profile Tests?

Normal Range of Lipid Profile Tests: In this article, I am going to tell you about the lipid profile test. I will explain the lipid profile testing procedure. Then I will explain the normal range of the lipid profile test. In this article, I will give every detail about the Lipid Profile Test. And I will also tell you about the cost of the lipid profile test. After reading this article you will understand deeply about the Lipid Profiler Test. Let’s start with the lipid profile test again.

Your test results may vary depending on your age, gender, the method used to test your health history, and many more. If your result is correct, it does not mean that you do not have any kind of disease or any kind of problem. Be sure to ask your healthcare provider if your results mean anything.

And what does this matter?

Results are shown in milligrams per deciliter (mg/dL).

Here are the total cholesterol limits for adults:

lipid profile Common range: 200 mg/dL. fewer

lipid profile test  Borderline range  High: 200 to 239 mg/dL

High: 240 mg/dL . or more

These are the adult ranges for LDL cholesterol:

Optimal: Less than 100 mg/dL This is a target for people with diabetes and heart disease.

Near-optimal: 100 to 129 mg/dL

Borderline High: 130 to 159 mg/dL

High: 160 to 189 mg/dL

Too High: 190 mg dL High

The above numbers are general guidelines, but in reality, the target for heart disease depends on the number of risk factors you have.

Your cholesterol level should be above 40 mg/dL. This type of fat is very good for you. Because your risk of heart disease increases significantly. The larger the number, the lower the risk. A level of 60 mg/dL or higher is considered to protect you from heart disease. And to know your body level you should go to a lab and get a blood test done at home in Maujpur you will know your body level.

The highest levels of triglycerides are linked to an increased risk of heart disease.

Some adult categories are:

lipid profile Common range : 150 mg/dL. fewer

lipid profile test  Borderline High range: 150 to 199 mg/dL

High: 200 to 499 mg/dL

Very high: increased by more than 500 mg/dL

Your healthcare provider may also decide based on your test results. If you want to lower your cholesterol. Then he will tell you whether you need to change your lifestyle or change your medicines.

Your results and your goals will vary according to your age and health. If you have diabetes or rheumatism, your risk of heart disease increases even more.

Lipid Profile Test Procedure/Lipid Profile Test Details

In most lipid profile tests, a blood sample is taken by inserting a needle into a vein in your arm. Before your blood is drawn upwards, an elastic band is tied around your upper arm to propel the blood into the veins. So that your vein comes up and it is easier to take the sample. where the needle is placed. The area is cleaned with antiseptic.

 In this way, you can get the test done anywhere. You can get your blood done in any path lab in Delhi on the basis of Excel. Get your blood test done only at the best blood test service in Maujpur 

Lipid Profile Blood Test Price/Lipid Profile Test Cost 

Lipid profile test cost                                        price starting

Lipid profile test price  in Delhi                            360

Lipid profile test price in UP                                 420

Lipid profile test price in Noida                             330

Lipid profile test price Bangalore                          450

Lipid Profile Can Also Be Measured In Individuals-How:

  • overweight person
  • who already has heart disease
  • Have diabetes or I am at risk of diabetes. Which is called pre-diabetes.
  • Lead a sedentary lifestyle without much exercise.
  • Avoid unhealthy diets and junk food
  • suffer from chronic high blood pressure
  • Have a habit of drinking or smoking


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