Types of Fever? how to save for fever?

Four Types of Fever: Do you The Types Of Fever:  Fever mostly spreads and increases due to germs in our body. In some infections, when white cells collide with our blood, a fever-like substance is formed. Nowadays, different types of fever are also failing and fever has become common. And it has become a common health problem.

However, the fever usually comes on for a limited time. But barring some serious diseases, sometimes the problem of fever also becomes a more spreading problem like malaria, dengue, flu, etc.

Four Types of Fever 

Whenever you have a fever you need to check your fever with a thermometer. And the fever is also measured on the basis of nature. Fever is also divided into some parts. Fever is estimated as low, moderate, or high depending on the temperature of the fever.

For example, 11 to 100 is considered a low fever. A range of 100 to 103 is considered moderate. And more than 103 is considered very fast. It is measured at its base by placing a thermometer next to it. Suppose you put the thermometer in your mouth instead of chucking it. So it will show you a higher degree.

Viral fever duration keeps getting shorter and longer. Sometimes it gets better in 4 to 5 days. And sometimes it takes people in the grip of 10 to 12 days.

 (Intermittent fever)

  1. First type of fever: your body temperature remains at 37 degrees. But at night your body temperature starts increasing. Bacteria cause this type of fever. Like malaria, septicemia is seen. Because of fevers like these, the body weight starts growing. Then tiredness and headache become common.
  2. sudden fever: If there is a sudden high fever, then it is also considered the cause of dengue. This fever also causes fatigue, headache, and body aches.
  3. Continuously fever: This fever lasts for a long time. On this day you will see a lot of changes in the body. Or maybe nothing was found. The cause of its fever can be pneumonia or thyroid in a way.
  4.  Remittent fever: In remittent fever, the body temperature rises very much. This fever should be persistent. Then it can be pneumonia or typhoid. Yet this types of fever keep the body temperature one degree higher throughout the day and night.

Fever is not a disease. Rather it shows. That your body is a different kind of disease. However, fever comes with other diseases. And here are some symptoms of fever.

  • sweating profusely
  •  getting too cold
  • persistent body aches
  • Headache
  • muscle strain complaint
  • not feeling hungry
  • feeling weak or tired
  • irritability

Some home treatments for viral fever.

  • In fever, you should avoid bathing with cold and very hot water. You can take a bath with lukewarm water.
  • Avoid eating cold food or drinking cold water. This will help bring down your fever.
  • Feeling more tired in fever. This puts you at risk of becoming dehydrated. To avoid this, drink more and more water, which reduces the risk of dehydration.
  • If you have a fever, you should abstain from outside food. And also avoid junk food, to win, eat home food.
  • If you have a fever, you should definitely contact your doctor. This can happen as well. That you have to get a blood test done because fever is caused by your body. If possible, get a blood test done A blood test can be done at home in Delhi here.

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