What is Included in a Full Body Check-up l Full Body Package

After a certain age health check-up is one the of usual routines for a person. Although, if you do not need any full body check-up yet then this is great. But make sure you are genuine with yourself. And in case you feel that your body is asking you something for the check. Then at that time, you have to be very serious with your health. Because it happens many times when many people do not care about the signs their body giving them. And that usually makes the cause of some dangerous diseases. But before getting through any serious trouble. And in this article, we will share with you information about the full body check-up package. Which of the body check-ups are available once you do a full body check-up. We will share everything in this article.

What should you know before a full body checkup?

Without fasting you should never go for a full body check-up. You should not eat anything before a body check-up. For instance, if you took dinner at 10 PM night then you should wait till 10 AM in the morning. This 12 hours gap between eating anything and a body check-up is most important. Without following this tip you would never get a proper report from your check-up. Also, it might create some problems for you. Once your stomach is completely empty then your body check-up will give some genuine report so that you cure it perfectly. So make sure you keep this thing in your mind. And usually, a doctor always asks you before doing a full body check-up. 

full body checkup price in Delhi

Well, this is one of the most asked questions on Google. And the answer to this question is varies in different places. The full body checkup price in Delhi is not too much costly. The very normal check-up price lies between 2500 to 3000 in Delhi. And with this limited price, you can know about your serious disease. But normally prices are not too high for the full body check-up. So if you have any problem that needs the full check-up. Then feel free to go for a full body checkup. And the best way to find an affordable price is, you can compare the prices of different health care centers. 

The full body check-up package:

  1. The first this is sugar test should be included in a full body check-up. This is one of the most necessary tests you should do. And if you want to include the HBA1C test in your body checkup then you can neglect the sugar test. HBA1C test generally shows you the average sugar level of three months. But if you do a sugar fasting test then you would get the report of the current sugar level. 


  1. The second test is CBC or complete blood count. This test is responsible for providing the results of red cells, white cells, and platelets. These results are useful in the diagnosis of anemia, infection, and many other medical conditions. And there are several things are included in the CBC test.


  1. The third one is the lipid profile test. This test is very important for heart purpose. This test provides you some insights into your heart condition.


  1. Kidney Panel: this is again an important test for the whole body check-up. And also the essential part of the full-body check-up. As the name refer this provides information regarding the kidney.



  • The liver panel, LFT: this test provides information on the activity of the liver. If someone uses a drug that affects the liver then this test is mandatory.


There are other tests are included in a whole-body check-up. And that list is so long and so forth. And once you go to the doctor you will get all the information regarding your body check-up.  

How we can do the best check-up:

Whatever the information we have provided above all fits our company’s credentials. You can visit our website you would get every bit of information regarding the full check-up. Also, we provide you the best full body checkup in Delhi at a very affordable price. As well as you would get yours within few hours. And the whole report would be 100% accurate. So feel free to check our full body check-up services.

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