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If you find the full form of RT-PCR then you, of course, would find a Reverse transcription-polymerase chain reaction. Let’s convert it into a simple manner and figure out the requirements of this test. RT-PCR tests are mostly used for the diagnosis of respiratory illnesses. And as you know the world’s most dangerous covid-19 is a respiratory disease. Basically, it affects the breathing system. To find out the presence of covid-19 in your body we do a swab test or RT-PCR test in Delhi. Basically, you can consider the RT-PCR test as a swab test. After taking the sample of a patient we take it to our lab and provide them a reliable report. 


When should someone require an RT-PCR test?


If you feel any symptoms of covid-19 such as problems in breathing, Fever, cough, headache, muscle ache, and sore throat. These are some very common symptoms of coronavirus. Although, these symptoms seem like other common fever that happens with changing weather. And that is the reason people ignore it. But now if you are suffering from any of these problems then do not hesitate to take the RT-PCR test in Delhi. As for the sample, our blood technician or BT will take swab/oral swab/nasal. So contact us 9643176104 for the RT-PCR test at home in Delhi.


How much time we take for the report of the RT_PCR test: 


Generally, it takes almost 24 hours to provide you with the report of your RT-PCR test. But due to the high increment in coronavirus cases, the RT-PCR test is increasing as well. So in this critical condition, you have to wait for at least 48 hours to get your RT-PCR report. Although, in other situations, it might take only 24 hours. However, if you call us for an RT-PCR test at home then we can tell you the exact report time. Secondly, if you call us for the RT-PCR test then at that time we can deliver a quick response. Within one hour our blood technician will reach you and take the sample. 


What Action Should Take After Getting Covid Positive In RT-PCR Test:


After getting the positive report of coronavirus first thing you should consider is to do an RT-PCR test for your whole family. However, if they are not suffering from any symptoms of the coronavirus then you miss the test. But as far as the standard protocol is considered you should do an RT-PCR test for every member of your family. Anyway, if you are covid possible then you should maintain social distance from your family members and follow all protocols given by the government of India. 


Why choose our services for RT-PCR tests:


It is a genuine question, when you have multiple options available for RT-PCR tests in Delhi then why choose us? First of all, we provide RT-PCR tests at home in Delhi NCR. Secondly, you can visit our website and contact us directly. Or in other words, we provide you with an online RT-PCR test in Delhi. Just pick your phone and call us or message us in the message box. On a phone call, we can immediately fix the RT-PCR test at home in Delhi. However, we follow our rules of customer email, nevertheless, you can call us for instant results. Last but not the least, we can provide you with the RT-PCR test at a very affordable price. Price matters, especially in these pandemic conditions. 


So if you feel that the RT-PCR test is necessary for you then contact us if you want better services, quick and reliable reports as well as affordable prices. Providing the best user experience is our main goal.

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