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Pain Free offers Full body checkup tests at home service in Shahdara. We use always a one-time box containing all components for safe home collection and we take care of the lives of the customers. We collect blood samples from your home.

Thyrocare – Aarogyam | Wellness Offers Whole Body Checkup Shahdara starts from Rs 300 to Rs 4999. It has a large range of Quality Preventive Health Offering at a reasonable cost. We provide Thyrocare blood Checkups at Shahadra in Delhi.

Blood Test Service at Shahdara in Delhi

Blood test in Shahdara in Delhi. we provide Thyrocare blood Tests in Shahdara. It is a benchmark test that helps to analyze your body’s health, and what is going on abnormally in your Body. A full body checkup is one of the best ways to assess the performance of organs. And there are only a few agencies that provide their reliable health care services at an accommodating price. which provides blood test services at your doorstep in Shahdara. provide routine blood test in your area. Routine blood tests cover all organs of your body.

Blood tests service provider at Shahdara  in Delhi | Thyrocare service provider in Shahdara

We are one of those companies since our aim is to bring out the best in what we do. Having a health check-up has never been this easy since you can forget the hassle and find the physician at your home to take your blood sample. On top of it, we also ensure that you do not endure any physical pain during the course of your health check-up. Now we are the best to provide blood tests in Shahdara From Thyrocare lab.

COVID test in Shahdara at best price @700

we provide Thyrocare blood tests in Shahdara and Free home collection service in Shahdara at a nominal price of Rs. 700. If you have any queries plz contact us at our WhatsApp number.  +91 9811156942 

Our Lab is also ICMR-approved, CAP, and we are the best COVID and blood test service provider in Delhi.

The Whole Body Checkup At Shahdara in Delhi

Following are some of the tests provided by us:

Iron deficiency profiles 

Iron deficiency may lead to a lot of dangerous diseases. These range from minor diseases to untreatable ailments, as well as chronic diseases. So it is essential for the well-being of your body to conduct a regular full body check-up for iron deficiency profiles. We do it and it includes 3 tests and sums up the most reliable report and we also provide home collection services.

Liver function tests and thyroid profile tests at Shahdara

The liver is the largest and certainly the most important part of your body. It is one of the major secretory glands in our body, which secretes bile juice, one of the most important fluids released by our body when it comes to digestion.

Thyroid profile test: TSH – T3 – T4 and FT3 – FT4  all these profiles we are doing in advance thyroid profile. Call us and WhatsApp us your queries on this no +9811156942. 

Powered by Thyrocare, we conduct ISO Certified tests which are 12 in number. This means that we are able to conduct an in-depth analysis of your liver functionalities and all this comes with an affordable budget. 

Vitamin D deficiency tests 

Vitamin D is one of the essential components of nutrition that is required by the body to stay healthy. The deficiency of this vitamin is most certainly linked to problems in the bone structure of the body. If you witness weakness in your bones, the cause behind it can certainly be the deficiency of Vitamin D.  Not getting enough vitamin D is certainly deadly to the body with the inclusion of many diseases related to its deficiency like rickets, osteoporosis, and thyroid problems as well.  This is what makes vitamin D tests really important for the body and we know this too. This is why, we help to provide a complete health check-up and an ISO-certified in-depth report on your vitamin D profile, which includes 3 tests. 

 Individual full-body checkups for different tests are as follows
  • Iron deficiency profiles
  • Liver functionality tests ( LFT test )
  • kidney function test ( KFT test ) 
  • Vitamin D deficiency tests
  • Vitamin B12 blood tests
  • Thyroid profile test
  • Lipid profile test
  • CBC
  • Hba1c
  • Blood sugar 


These are some of the blood test services that we are willing to provide at the most affordable price in town, and that too with a home collection facility. This is what makes us best in Shahdara, with in-depth analysis of your whole body, so that you can make sure that your body is healthy and disease-free. 

Thyrocare offers The Best Price Rs@1200

blood test in Maujpur
blood test in Maujpur
blood test in Maujpur, thyrocare health check up
blood test in Maujpur, thyrocare health check up

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